1 – Design, Development and Piloting of a Training Path Addressed to SN People

Regardless of the training sectors, at time of designing a qualification path, each Country refers to different sources, different competent bodies and delivery practices. Inventories of knowledge, skills and abilities differs in fact among Member States although they refer to the same professional profiles. Partners will therefore carry out the following activities:

2 – Design, development and provision of a Train the Trainers’ module targeting performing with SN People

The starting point of the PACETRAINING initiative is the training approach elaborated and enforced by the Applicant in the past 5 years (“Download” initiative previously mentioned in the application). The project partners will altogether design an overarching intensive practical programme targeted at trainers and provide them with the necessary pedagogical background, teaching tools and behavioural attitudes to meet SN needs and to cope with the challenges provided by target group when teaching them skills and abilities

3 – Design, Planning and implementation of ad hoc communication strategy addressed to Companies

A number of reaserches and studies published by the most authoritative Universities and research centres have been taken into account by the partners at application stage. (see annexed Reference Bibliography)

The principles stated in the majority of the reports show some resistance from the business side to include SN workers, provided that information on positive experiences matured by other companies are pretty ignored, and ad hoc awareness-raising actions in the specific field have already been suggested by a number of studies.

4 – The PACETRAINING replication path

The activities are divided into 2 main areas:

1) Each partner will investigate its own VET system and will identify those professions and qualification path whose knowledge, skills and abilities are suitable for replicating the PACETRAINING model and will provide explanation, with specific reference to the local skills inventory (no risks, reasonable and sustainable concentration, ease of work sequences and learning process)

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