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Company visits in Cham region to spread the word about Pacetraining

Since the end of the last year, Volkshochschule im Landkreis Cham e.V. has been meeting several companies operating in the restaurant and hotel sector. During their meetings they talked to the companies‘ managers to present the Pacetraining project and discuss the positive results of the piloting phase. The hotels and restaurants were very interested in the project itself and asked some questions about the experience regarding piloting the course, while they were especially keen to get to know the results of the lessons related to practice, like table decorating, cooking or contact with customers.

The reason for these meetings is to make the companies aware of the positive aspects related to employing people with disabilities, e.g. increased loyalty of employees and customers, improvement of working relations, extended commitment.

In Germany there is a law requiring companies to employ a certain percentage of the workforce consisting of disabled people, if the companies do not comply with these regulations they need to pay a fine.

The meetings with the companies contribute to shifting their mind from not just paying the fine, but to make use of the benefits of employing people with disabilities and as a side-effect enhancing the companies’ social reputation.

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