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Design, development and piloting of a Training Path Addressed to SN People

Intellectual Output 1

This research focuses on the identification of the qualification in the field of hotel services and culinary arts for people with special needs (SN). The aim of the research was to not only focus on the general qualifications, but rather those which are adapted to the needs of SN. In this report the summary of the themes is provided. In the first part of the report the findings on the following topics are summarized:

  • Identification and presentation of the VET system in the field of culinary arts and hotel services for SN.
  • Description of the qualification according to the national/regional system (description of the core tasks and activities, functions/positions/occupations and other relevant information for the analysis and mapping the common profile in the project).
  • Description of any rules existing in partner countries regarding the vocational education for people with disabilities.
  • Description of the skills and competences required for the qualification according to the official documents, please provide source of information and links to the official documents.
  • Introduction and design of the learning outcomes in existing qualifications.
  • Description of the training program for the qualification (duration, methodology, number of theoretical and practical hours etc.).

In the second part of the report, the first proposal of the training path on the basis of partners’ contribution.

- Download SN Training Programme PDF
- Download Assessment procedure

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