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Train the trainers – Handbook

Intellectual Output 2

In this report you can see the practices connected to the teaching of professional abilities and skills for SN people, collected from the several reports elaborated by the project partners.

The first part contains a general introduction about the learning and the several aspects connected to it, extrapolated by different scientific studies.

An important part is about the methodologies used to teach professional skills and abilities: the characteristics, the use and the ways to carry out each methodology are pointed out.

Together with the methodologies, the instruments considered the most effective to learn abilities and skills are explained. For each educational tools an example is given.

The report also contains a scheme with the several learning units of the elaborated training course and for each skill/ability the methodology used to get the learning with the
respective educational tools has been integrated.

At the end some important aspects of the learning of skills and abilities connected to the training course are described: the class atmosphere, the attitude and the communication
methods of the teacher towards the people attending the course, some logistic aspects connected to the practical activities, the evaluation of the previous abilities of the people
attending the course with mid and final monitoring, the structuring of the learning environment.

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