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On 25th of November 2019 biedrība “Mālpils tautskola”, Latvia, started the 2nd Piloting of the IO1. Our 6 students continue the theoretical lessons and practical training.

On 16th of December they had an opportunity to test by themselves and show to others their waiters’ skills. Our cooperation partner, the local NGO for disabled people and their supporters “Believe yourself”, organised a summary event of the year 2019, and our students leaded by teachers Dace Kursīte and Gunta Jēkabsone took care about the catering service.

They set the tables, served the participants of the event – there were more than 20 people, and this first work experience was a quite big challenge for our students.

They managed it well and at the end were very satisfied with the job done and proud of the skills they learned and could show to others.


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