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On December 11th, the Italian Pacetraining Team gathered a group of 30 multipliers for the national dissemination of the project Results. Participants were gathered from Social workers, to VET Centres as well as from Local Authorities and Professiona Schools. Some huge companies also attended the event such as Lavazza SPA, the biggest Italian Coffee Brand and Santa Caterina Village a huge hotel complex in Southern Italy.

All participantes have shown big interest in the project activities and the implementations as well as its possible future implication in the field of VET for SN people. As stated in the ex post surveys, most of the participants enjoyed mostly the components related to the Train the Trainers module and most of all the communication strategy with Companies which still today might not be very conscious of the added value provided by including SN people within their staff.


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Presentations of Intellectual Outputs.

Results of the first pilot course in Italy:

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