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PILOTING 1 in Volkshochschule im Landkreis Cham e.V., Germany

The piloting course in Germany offers a variety of theoretical and practical lessons addressing relevant topics of working in the housekeeping, restaurant or kitchen sector.

In order to raise awareness for a healthy lifestyle the main focus for the kitchen sector was put on vegetables, herbage and fruits.

First of all, the participants learnt about the hygiene rules when working in the kitchen as well as how to store food and beverages in the fridge correctly.

In a next step the main task was to understand not only how to store food properly but also how to purchase food of good quality at a reasonable price.



For that reason the group went to the supermarket in order to see the variety of food articles and to discuss topics like which of these products are regionally produced, which products are cheaper because it is the proper season, which of the products to use for which dishes, etc.

For comparing prices and finding the best offers also the different sizes and packages of food products were analysed.

Once having identified these products the next task was to create an attractive and healthy fruit dessert. While preparing it, the different instruction rules were used in order to remember what to respect when working in the kitchen.


















The participants enjoyed preparing the fruit dessert and actively contributed with arranging the food attractively for the guests.










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