AFP Colline Astigiane (AFP) was established in 1972 and its legal status was changed in 1998 thanks to a Regional Regulation which transformed the Centre into a consortium including local authorities (Comune di Agliano Terme, Comune di Canelli and Nizza Monferrato, Municipality Assosiations) and industry (Bersano SPA, Cassa di Risparmio di Asti and F.lli Carli SPA).

VHS Cham is a registered, non-profit association in Upper Palatinate; it acts on a regional level. The total number of fulltime administrative, teaching and training employees is 65 plus and about 300 freelancers. VHS Cham provides courses in the field of society, vocation, languages, health, culture and special courses (second chance schools).

Vocational College Live is maintained by Invalid Foundation as an upper secondary vocational special education institution and development and resource center for special needs education. The College headquarters is located in the Ruskeasuo district of Helsinki and it operates 11 additional learning units in the Greater Helsinki area and Province of Southern Finland.

The Spanish Confederation of Education and Training Centers (CECE) is a non-profit and professional organization founded in 1977. It represents a wide educational sector in Spain from nursery school to university level. It has more than 2.000 Education and training centers among its members, what implies around 1.000.000 students and 60.000 teachers.

NGO “Malpils Folkschool” – (built 2001) is a non-profit organization working in the development of the lifelong learning and international contacts between education institutions, NGOs and other social partners in our municipality located in the Riga region, Latvia.

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