VHS Cham is a registered, non-profit association in Upper Palatinate; it acts on a regional level. The total number of fulltime administrative, teaching and training employees is 65 plus and about 300 freelancers. VHS Cham provides courses in the field of society, vocation, languages, health, culture and special courses (second chance schools). VHS Cham has a long term experience of course development with the specific focus vulnerable groups and experienced in organising courses for specific groups: young learners, among them young drop-outs; young adultsd and adults with fewer opportunities and special needs (e.g. illiterate, dyslexia etc), NEETs, young adults, adults, seniors, migrants, refugees and people from rural areas. Totally the VHS Cham e.V. offers yearly more than 1250 learning events for more than 15 000 participants.

Part of the course programme for many years, is also the work with young people with mental disabilities, i.e. cognitive and itellectual: For example they are engaged in a course for movement, rhythm and body experience: the Hip-Hop-Band. This band is well-known even beyond the district of Cham. There are also other cultural activities organized in the field of music, sport and arts for people with disabilities, the aim of those activities is the integration with the society. There is also a close cooperation and networking with relevant stakeholders for disabled people in the region as well as with the leading stakeholders on the regional political level.

The Tourism Academy (TAO) East Bavaria is a sister company of the Volkshochschule im Landkreis Cham e.V. and is the leading provider for VET training in the field of hotel and catering in East Bavaria, they provide trainings for employees of gastronomy and hotels (reception, working in the restaurant, English language, housekeeping, marketing etc) they support small hotels, pensions in provision of quality services. The TAO belonged to our centre.

The VHS Cham also has had a wealth of experience coordinating and acting as a key partner in many projects over the years. The outcomes of the projects were geared towards second language learners, young learners of vulnerable groups, guidance and recognition of competences. The VHS Cham has a key interest in the area of new training models because it offers special courses for young people with fewer opportunities, school dropouts, NEETs, refugees and for those with special learning needs. These courses play a vital role in our project activities during research and implementing phases. VHS Cham has been awarded twice the European Language Label (2011- YELL and 2012- L-Pack), in 2011 the prestigious PLL Award for FLAM (Feel like a Migrant), in 2016 with Grundtvig Award for the project TLC PACK. The VHS Cham offers also in-service trainings for teachers, e.g. English teachers who teach learners with dyslexia.

The courses are based on quality management process developed together with Bavarian Adult Education Association and according to the EFQM management system and provided in accordance with rules of integration courses in Germany. Additionally, placement counselling is also available. VHS Cham works in several EU wide Development programmes as Erasmus + and Lifelong Learning Programme or Interreg, therefore, a European-wide network of various partner institutions. As an experienced coordinator and partner institution. VHS Cham has completed many European projects, the expertise focuses on project management, research conduct (employees with background in sociology, economy and languages), preparation and realisation of dissemination strategy. Additionally, the provision of courses for young learners allows the partner to implement and pilot developed or transferred innovative education methodology.

VHS works also in close cooperation with the Bavarian Adult Education Centre Association (bvv), the Institute for International Cooperation of the German Adult Education Association (IIZ/DVV), the German Institute for Adult Education (DIE), and the German Adult Education Association (DVV) and member of EAEA. Cooperation within the above mentioned networks will enhance dissemination and exploitation of the project. Information about the project and its results can be spread among above mentioned institutions regarding target groups of the project. Long-term experience as coordinating organisation in European and national projects and application of EFQM principles allowed VHS to develop stable basis for the operational and financial management.

Die Volkshochschule im Landkreis Cham e.V. (VHS Cham) ist ein eingetragener Verein in der Oberpfalz/Bayern und agiert  auf regionaler Ebene. Mit fast 70 Mitarbeitern und 300 Dozenten bietet die VHS Cham Kurse in den Bereichen Gesellschaft, Beruf, Sprachen, Gesundheit, Kultur und Spezial (u.a. Vorbereitung auf Schulabschlüsse und Alphabetisierung) an. Die VHS Cham hat langjährige Erfahrung in der Entwicklung von Kursen mit speziellem Fokus auf benachteiligte Gruppen und in der Organisation von Kursen für bestimmte Zielgruppen: Junge Erwachsene und Erwachsene mit eingeschränkten Möglichkeiten und besonderen Bedürfnissen (z.B. Analphabeten, Legastheniker), Senioren, Migranten, Geflüchtete und Personen aus ländlichen Gebieten. Jährlich bietet die VHS Cham mehr als 1.250 Lernangebote für über 15.000 Teilnehmer an.

Seit vielen Jahren ist auch die Arbeit mit jungen Menschen, die eine geistige Behinderung haben, Teil des Kursprogramms. In den Bereichen Musik, Sport und Kunst werden ebenfalls kulturelle Aktivitäten für Menschen mit Behinderung organisiert, die zur besseren Integration in die Gesellschaft beitragen sollen. Es besteht auch eine enge Zusammenarbeit und Vernetzung mit relevanten Akteuren in der Region, die mit Menschen mit Behinderung arbeiten, sowie mit führenden politischen Vertretern auf regionaler Ebene.

Die Tourismusakademie Ostbayern (TAO) ist eine Tochtergesellschaft der Volkshochschule im Landkreis Cham e.V. und ist der führende Anbieter für berufsbezogene Weiterbildung im Bereich Tourismus, Hotel und Catering in Ostbayern. Angeboten werden Schulungen für Mitarbeiter aus  Gastronomie und Hotellerie (Rezeption, Arbeiten im Restaurant, Englisch im Beruf, Housekeeping, Marketing, etc.). Ebenso werden kleine Hotels und Pensionen bei der Konzeption von qualitativ hochwertigen Dienstleistungen unterstützt.

Die VHS Cham schätzt neue und innovative Trainingsmodelle, da sie spezielle Kurse für junge Menschen mit eingeschränkten Möglichkeiten, Schulabbrecher, Geflüchtete und für diejenigen mit besonderen Lernbedürfnissen anbietet. Diese Kurse spielen während der Untersuchungs- und Umsetzungsphase der Projektaktivitäten eine wesentliche Rolle.

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