PILOTING 2 in Volkshochschule im Landkreis Cham e.V., Germany

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From January 2020 the Volkshochschule has started the second phase of the piloting course. The piloting focuses on deepening relevant topics of working in the restaurant or kitchen sector.

The participants got to know and repeat kitchen devices (with the help of images), got to work with herbs (smelling different flavours), prepared dishes (lasagna with and without recipe), tried baking (muffins) and also gained some background knowledge (e.g. nutritional aspects, calories, “good”/”bad” food and drinks, measurements (litre, millilitre, kilogram etc.)

E.g. regarding the restaurant, the participants learned how to fold napkins, ironing tablecloths or setting the table. Some easy calculations were also introduced e.g. adding people sitting on different tables to find out the total amount of guests.

To promote the participants’ creativity some lessons on dining room decorations were carried out (e.g. for carnival, flowers for the table in a restaurant).

Taking into account the results of the first piloting, the teachers and trainers included also more theoretical aspects since the participants were very interested in some topics e.g. like nutrition – they analysed the ingredients of milk and discussed, which components are good for a healthy life.


Additionally, the participants are encouraged to act more flexibly in the practical areas, e.g. they were preparing lasagna without previously getting a recipe. They were discussing among each other what to include and how much of it. With the support of the trainer, they prepared a very delicious meal. Afterwards the participants gathered in the classroom to remember the ingredients and write their own recipe.

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