Project documents: IO3

Train the trainers – Handbook Intellectual Output 3 Video Pacetraining Click and watch the videos (each video opens a new screen): Video Pacetraining EN Video Pacetraining DE Video Pacetraining ES Video Pacetraining FI Video Pacetraining IT Video Pacetraining LV

Project documents: IO2

Train the trainers – Handbook Intellectual Output 2 In this report you can see the practices connected to the teaching of professional abilities and skills for SN people, collected from the several reports elaborated by the project partners. The first part contains a general introduction about the learning and the several aspects connected to it, extrapolated by different […]

Project documents: IO1

Design, development and piloting of a Training Path Addressed to SN People Intellectual Output 1 This research focuses on the identification of the qualification in the field of hotel services and culinary arts for people with special needs (SN). The aim of the research was to not only focus on the general qualifications, but rather […]

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