Second piloting course in Germany

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The German Pacetraining course continues!

The second piloting course started in January and now the participants are finally back in the classroom. During their first lessons after the break, they repeated what they’ve learned about different fabrics that are used in restaurants and hotel rooms. And what would fit better at this time than practicing sewing by creating their own face masks?

Moreover, they are also revising the basics of food. They discussed about different ingredients of dishes and the composition of a healthy meal. With a card game, they learned about different substances like carbohydrates, fibres and antioxidants. The participants were working in a team and in a game-based way, they easily remembered the content of the lessons, which they later on practically applied when putting together a menu.







The next step – bringing Pacetraining into other sectors!

Up to now Pacetraining only focused on hospitality and catering. But are there any other areas that special needs‘ people could work in?

Of course! A replication path report examines various professions and qualification paths that are suitable for SN people. By analysing the labour market situations in each of the partner countries, the professions having a shortage of workers were identified. In a next step the partners collected qualifications among those professions that are particularly interesting for SN people to work in and that provide the possibility to replicate the Pacetraining model.

Some of the areas that were identified as having a labour shortage on the one hand, and are offering suitable work tasks for SN people on the other hand, included construction, social welfare and logistics. Find out about other areas and specific qualifications in the full report that will be available soon.

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