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Special needs inclusion in the labor market

Germany Reports

Based on the Employment Agency report in Germany the number of severely disabled employees as evidenced by the notification procedure under SGB IX has risen significantly in recent years. From 2007 to 2015, this number increased by 224,000 to 1.03 million.

This growth is largely attributable to an increase in the number of elderly, severely disabled employees: employment in the 50+ age group has risen by 52 percent (240,000) since 2007. At the same time, the number of middle-aged workers (35 to under 45) declined by 26 percent (40,000).

The average employment rate of severely disabled people has not changed in recent years. For 2015, the notification rate was 4.7 percent. For public employers, it was 6.6 percent for the fourth year in a row. The highest employment rates, in turn, reached the federal authorities with 10 percent. Among private employers, the employment rate was 4.1 percent. Although they did not meet the statutory quota of 5 percent, they were able to repeat the good result of 2014.

Spain Reports

According to Encuesta de Población Activa, (investigation about active population) in Spain, the employability of people with disabilities is increasing.

In 2016, the activity rate of people with disabilities stood at nearly 36%. This good performance is the result of a set of measures adopted to promote the employment of workers with disabilities, which include those aimed at encouraging ordinary employment.  The measures are created well through incentives such as subsidies, bonuses and reductions in contribution quotas as well as through the establishment of a company – quota of employment of Special Needs people.

Finland Reports

According to EU-SILC (European Union statistics on income and living conditions), the employment rate of disabled in Finland is as high as 55 %. However, the Finnish estimates that the employment rate of adult disabled diverges significantly from the EU-SILC statistics. The Finnish estimates of the employment rate is approximately 17 to 20%.

The Finnish number is based on various registered data whereas the EU-SILC rate is based on survey. The Finnish estimates also includes only work with paid salary so the estimate does not include work practice or work like activities without salary. According to a study by Kehitysvammaliitto (Finnish Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities FAIDD), there are 25000 working age mentally disabled people in Finland.

Approximately 500 mentally disable people working in the open labor market; 2000 in the supported employment and 6000 in sheltered workshops. An estimated 3000 mentally disabled would be able to get a work in open labor market with right kind of support.

Latvia Reports

In Latvia, according to data reported at the conference on the accessibility of the labor market for people with disabilities held on 29th November, 2017, about 1/3 of disabled people are unemployed and the unemployment rate is rising. Only 37 % of disabled people are employed.

Asti (Italy) Report

In Italy, the data of the employment service of Asti (CPI) state that only 155 out of 926 job placements managed by the CPI in Asti – from 2016 up to the present date – involve psychic disabled people (17%).  (employment contracts and training. In this group 46 people (30%) are involved in the guiding and support activities provided by the “Agenzia Piemonte Lavoro “(regional employment service) called “Gruppi di Parola” (Word Groups).

The number of psychic disabled people recorded at the CPI of Asti increases from 357 to 420, from 2009 to 2015. The average percentage of the finalized employments in such period is 5%, out of the total number of enrolled SN people at CPI, while the average of people taking part to the “Gruppi di Parola“ (guidance service) is 29% out of the total employed people.

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