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A successful discussion with entrepreneurs
(Malpils Folkschool – Latvia)


One of the tasks of the PACETRAINING project is to encourage cooperation with entrepreneurs, to create a favorable environment for the involvement of SN people into professional activities.

We are going to continue training sessions for young people with mental disabilities in the second half of November, but in October we focused on another project task to involve the business of the catering service and hotel industry into the project and motivate them to hire the SN people in their companies.

On October 10, a seminar was held at Malpils Manor – a discussion for the entrepreneurs of Malpils and Sigulda districts. We had personally addressed nearly 30 companies, inviting them to take part in the event.

It was attended by representatives from the Hotel “Pils”, Hotel and Restaurant ”Aparjods”, Hotel “Kaupo”, Rehabilitation Centre “Krimulda Manor”, the network of cafes “Ezītis miglā” (more than 10 cafes) and the “Ezīša midziņa” Ltd, “Žaks-2” and Malpils Manor hotel and restaurant.

RB Cafe representatives from Riga shared their short but very positive experience of employing people with special needs, presented also a video showing their work and feedback. The café has been operating since June this year.

Representatives of the NGOs “Sustento” and “Believe yourself” told about the obstacles and challenges facing both those people with special needs who would like to work and the entrepreneurs who would like to employ them. The presentations provided a lot of useful information that we can use in the remaining months of the project.


Following presentations, all participants of the event expressed their views on these issues, commented on their experience, ideas, discussed the possibilities of hiring people with special needs in the field of catering services and hotels. They filled out questionnaires in which the answers provided will allow better organization of future work in the remaining months of the project: both on-the-spot training hours and possible practical training in companies.

Five of the companies’ representatives expressed interest in admitting our SN students to short-term practice. This is considered as a very positive result of this event.

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