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The Confederación Española de Centros de Enseñanza (CECE) and Efa La Serna are collaborating for the development and implementation of the European project, Pacetraining. This ERASMUS+ project, co-financed by the European Commission, aims to promote the independence of people with special needs, through the acquisition of skills fostering their entrance into the labour market.

Five European countries (Spain, Italy, Finland, Germany and Latvia) stand together to fight for this social group and to promote their employability. For this purpose, a hostelry-training course and a manual of teaching methodologies, addressed to our target group, was developed by the consortium and currently is being implemented in each partner country.

Our Experience

In Spain, the course began on April 3 and will last until July 5. The support of “Asociación Padisbol” was fundamental for the implementation of this course. Five students associated with Padisbol are currently being trained in the area of cooking and catering by Francisca Calzada Martín and Mercedes Campo Valencia. The teachers are experts in Kitchen Management, which enables our students to have the best resources and to make them prepared for their insertion in the job market.

Lately, the professionals who have trained our students will work together among the other professionals that have implemented the course in the other partner countries, sharing experiences and methodologies to achieve effective employment inclusion of people with special needs.

In October the project consortium will meet in Ciudad Real, at the EFA La Serna facilities, to evaluate the first implementation of the course in the different countries and to prepare the second implementation.


The first feedback about the course has been very positive on the part of both teachers and students. The students are very satisfied with the classes, waiting enthusiastically for the next class. These projects encourage us to do our best and to fight for people at risk of exclusion by providing them with opportunities and with the hope of helping them to build a better life.

Here are some of the elaborations made by our students:







We will keep you informed, stay tuned!

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