The PACETRAINING replication path

The activities are divided into 2 main areas:

1) Each partner will investigate its own VET system and will identify those professions and qualification path whose knowledge, skills and abilities are suitable for replicating the PACETRAINING model and will provide explanation, with specific reference to the local skills inventory (no risks, reasonable and sustainable concentration, ease of work sequences and learning process)

2) All partners will cooperate in finding out if the professions and the qualification paths detected by the other show general commonalities that made them suitable for SN training in all the partner countries and will release the final list and the relevant motivations.

The activities will be carried out in the last 4 months of the project, once evidence will be gathered to prove effectiveness of the PACETRAINING overall approach and will involve the commitment of all partner with different intensity provided that each VET system show more professions than others.

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