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Pacetraining is an Eramsus+ KA2 strategic partnership aiming to counteract the dependency people with special needs have on their family to support them. This will be done by promoting the active citizenship of the target group by acquiring skills which they may use for the labour market which in the project’s case will focus on the hotel and restaurant sector. The target group will become more independent and may be able to earn a source of income through the attaining skills at their own pace with qualified trainers.

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Upon the completion of an in-depth investigation of the various VET systems involved to identify the proper Learning Outcomes, groupable into Units, the partners have created a whole training path in the field of Culinary Arts and general hotel services as well as the overall ongoing monitoring and final assessment procedure. To make the initiative authoritative also under a scientific point of view, the Neuro Psychiatric department of the University of Torino has been involved into the process in such a manner to check the feasibility of the competence transfer to each specific target groups. The project, in fact, not only targets Down Syndrome people but also other cognitive limitations spectrum such as Autism, other cognitive and behavioural disorders that are genetic based or not.

The partners are currently delivering the first pilot (out of the 2 planned) of the identified training programs and will deliver the monitoring and evaluation results by the end of June 2019. In each Country, a group of 5 SN students have been enrolled to pilot the programme.

Besides the activities targeting the SN population, a train the trainers’ module has been completed too and the relevant training event took place in November 2019 in Italy, at the premises of the coordinator. 13 SN practitioners have participated in the training event and cooperated for the analysis of the planned training methodologies, under the scientific supervision of the University of Torino.

Finally, a set of tools to convey key messages about the direct and social benefits of hiring SN people to possible employers, have been developed. In June 2019 a project video, currently under development, will be released and made available to employers.

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